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Wow, what a great game. I love the soundtrack along with game, its so relaxing for me.
I hope you will get back to your game to finish it.
You can also check out my (much simpler!) game. See you!

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Hello! How's it going? I'm Gabriel. I'm an Audio Engineering student from Argentina. I saw some gameplay of Cyberway on Steam a few days ago and I thought it looked really cool, congratulations! I actually took a portion of the clip I saw and tried to create some SFX for the game. Here's what I did:

I hope you don't mind, I just wanted to practice Sound Design and your game seemed fun to practice with.

Congrats again and hope you do more projects like this one! 

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Nice concept and presentation but the steering feels heavy and slow like I was riding a truck.

Thanks for the feedback!


Game need Update


There is a new update 0.5.5.

it's great, thanks for continuing update it

amazing game with an amazing vibe; but the turning does need minor improvments, possible giving a setting on how quickly you could turn? Also a cool idea i had was to have a setting that can change the pixel ( like make it more cleaner looking or make it more arcade-ish. This game is an absolute GEM and I am very glad I found this, keep up the amazing work!!!!!

Thanks for feedback!. There is a new update 0.5.5.

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I found that the controls were a bit of a challenge to get used to, specifically when it comes to turning the car left or right. The turning feels a bit "rusty" and takes some getting used to, but once you get used to it, the gameplay becomes kind of fun.

The game's art is beautifully done, and the color palette is pleasing to the eye.


I appreciate is the availability of a Linux build of the game, I'm using Fedora Kinoite distro and I was able to play the game without any issues.


I've played all the 7 levels of CYBERWAY, and achieved a high score of 65 in each one of them. You can view my gameplay here. The following video is my best run, achieving a high score of 163.

Thanks for the video and feedback!

Very good aesthetics and the variety of locations is great, and it has real potential - but there's a lot of things missing. The car should turn when you steer left & right, perhaps make some skid marks if you're going faster, as well as sound effects. Some powerups or targets wouldn't go amiss, perhaps ramps so you can speed over the top of obstacles? Regardless, this is a great little timewaster :)

Thanks for feedback. I planned to make some improvements to the car handling in future updates!

well made car game :)

Hey, the game looks awesome! I've tried it on mac os big sur but it won't execute, it says that the file is corrupted. 

Is it open source? I make 2d games mostly with love2d, im really looking forward to learn Godot so if i see your code i could learn more. But if you want to keep it private i understand :). 

Thanks for reporting the error.
This is not a Open-Source project.

No problem mate. Hope i can play it soon, the game looks awesome.

I really like the aesthetics of the game, but steering can use a little more speed and perhaps animations when steering aswell. Love the stuff!

This game is amazing visually and can be very relaxing, my only problem is that the car turns too slowly and I lose fairly quickly, changing gears with W/S did not seem to help.. I'm playing on Manjaro btw. Could you tighten the acceleration slope on the car to make it a bit more snappy? That said, you did an amazing job with this game, I even use it as a wallpaper, it looks awesome!

Thanks for feedback!. Perhaps in the next update I will increase the turn rate by 5-10% faster.


This game looks way too good, achieves the outrun aesthetic perfectly. The gameplay is simple, and it will definitely benefit with some more game modes. My personal favourite is the dark synthwave. 

Wow! You making that on godot? Impressive! 3D scene ? Cheers 

Yes Godot 3 and yes 3D scene (Spatial)


The game is visually appealing. If you want your game to be hypnotic, you're close. I perhaps need some sound effect when you collect/hit something. It is too easy (for the ~10 minutes I play). Thought this is a great start.

It's a relaxing game, so everything should be easy, but thanks for the feedback!


The idea is good. Always loved the design in synthwave youtube videos and wanted to interact in it. You allow this. I would remove the obstacles during a time and make the road turn slightly before a long straight line, to put the player in a trance. There's quality in this short game and it feels that there will be destinations in the futur instead of going endlessly.

Thanks for the feedback. I was planning on adding different game modes in future updates!