CYBERWAY is an endless driving game features a 1980s aesthetic with Synthwave soundtrack.

Avoid obstacles and try to get the best score.

It was developed using the Godot Engine.

[Enter] or [Enter Kp] = Start
[A] or [←] = Move left
[D] or [→] = Move right
[W] or [↑] = Shift up (Speed)
[S] or [↓] = Shift down (Speed)
[F4] = Sound OFF
[F4] + [Shift] = Sound ON
[Q] = Quit to title (HTML5)
[P] or [Pause] = Pause (HTML5)
[Esc] = Pause menu

Credits (Game Assets):
Cool Cat Game Studio – Music

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All funds will be used for further development and updates.


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This game looks way too good, achieves the outrun aesthetic perfectly. The gameplay is simple, and it will definitely benefit with some more game modes. My personal favourite is the dark synthwave. 

Wow! You making that on godot? Impressive! 3D scene ? Cheers 

Yes Godot 3 and yes 3D scene (Spatial)


The game is visually appealing. If you want your game to be hypnotic, you're close. I perhaps need some sound effect when you collect/hit something. It is too easy (for the ~10 minutes I play). Thought this is a great start.

It's a relaxing game, so everything should be easy, but thanks for the feedback!


The idea is good. Always loved the design in synthwave youtube videos and wanted to interact in it. You allow this. I would remove the obstacles during a time and make the road turn slightly before a long straight line, to put the player in a trance. There's quality in this short game and it feels that there will be destinations in the futur instead of going endlessly.

Thanks for the feedback. I was planning on adding different game modes in future updates!