A downloadable game for Windows

UNTITLED ZOMBIE GAME is a open world zombie survival game.
This is an early, unfinished build of the game!

This game played from a third-person perspective. The game is set in an open world environment, which can be freely explored by the player. A deadly virus engulfs the residents of city, plunging the city into chaos as flesh eating zombies roam the streets for survivors. Your mission is simple: kill all infected city residents at any cost.

The “UNTITLED ZOMBIE GAME” development started in February 2017.
In June* 2017, the development on the game had been paused.
The game resumed development in October 2019 and had a plan to complete the development by Dec. 31 to reach completion by the end of the decade.
First public alpha version of the game was released on December 11, 2019.
The game was developed by one person (GGBot) using the Unreal Development Kit (UDK).
Nearly all 3D models and textures were made by GGBot, with the exception of the Player/Zombie/Tree models. For game used audio resources from OpenGameArt.org.

[W] [A] [S] [D] = Movement
[Left Mouse button] = Fire Weapon
[Right Mouse button] = Aim Weapon
[Spacebar] = Jump
[Ctrl] = Crouch
[Tab] hold down the key = Map
[Esc] = Main Menu

Install instructions

Install the game from "Untitled Zombie Game 0.05.exe".
After installing, go to where you installed it by going into Binaries\Win32 folder and select UDK.exe.


Untitled Zombie Game 0.05.exe 280 MB
64-bit.zip 34 MB


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