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great assets - I’ve included them in

Hey! Thanks a lot for your asset, they are great! I've made a  game using it , and I credited you in the game page! Here is the link in case you want to check it out :

It is awesome wow

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Any chance you can give me details about your workflow with texturing specifically? I really enjoy this style and am struggling obtaining it


With my broken English, it's too hard to explain in text format.


maybe we can try some discord chat?


I'd love any tips you have. Even if it's in your preferred language, if I can try and translate it online to get something out of it to help me I would really appreciate it.

My current attempts have either been trying to cut up actual photos and apply them to the UVs before downscaling or actually doing a hi-poly model to render low-res textures of it. both are very time consuming.

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Cut out from photos is fastest way. I draw the texture pixel by pixel, some textures take about 3-8 hours. Here is an example of a process:

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The level of artistry required to do that is fucking insane. Really nice work here, keep it up! I've tried that method and failed miserably but will definitely give it another go!

yo these look so good.

Very Niceu

Hey this is very useful! Thank you for making it :)